3D Stucco for Stucco Applications

3D Stucco for Stucco Applications

3D Stucco for Stucco Applications

We are at your service in the Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario regions for your Stucco jobs application needs. You can contact us for information about Stucco and a price quote.

We offer quality workmanship with our professional craftsmen who have been working in the field for many years and have a certain knowledge.

We work with a contract, we formalize the beginning and end of work, payment conditions, occupational safety and nutrition needs, transportation processes, work processes to be done in agreement with you.

We try to offer the best prices, because we do not involve 2nd and 3rd parties, we work directly.

We deliver at the promised time, because we do not want to keep other customers we promised like you waiting.

We determine your needs on the spot and take notes, and we prepare our price offer and send it to you.

We always thank you for choosing us.

What is Stucco?

Stucco, the surface that is made of plaster on the rough plaster and the coating to be made on it is called Stucco.

This material is resistant to burning due to the water it contains. Since it is a material that allows air inside, it provides a healthy environment by balancing the humidity. When applied, a smooth and clean surface is obtained and it is ready for one coat of paint. Mold does not form bacteria and fungi. We make the best Stucco in the Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario regions.

Things to Consider While Applying Stucco

Stuccos can be made directly on masonry surfaces such as brick or stone walls at a suitable thickness to smooth the surface, or they can be made as a thin plaster or glaze on cementitious plasters made with rough plaster. Stucco used for this purpose can be considered in two groups.

Perlite filling is used in Stucco, which will be made instead of rough plaster, in order to provide lightness and other properties. These are also called perlite plaster plasters. The other plaster plaster or finishing plaster is produced to level the surfaces, to create a good, smooth and smooth paint substrate for paint, and it is also called satin plaster.

How is Stucco Made?

3D Stucco for Barrie Painting, Orilla Painting, Midland Painting, Ontario Painting does the Stucco app for you. Before starting the application, if there are any burrs or protrusions on the surface on which Stucco will be made, they are cleaned. Wet dry surfaces slightly. If Stucco is to be made on a very smooth surface, roughnesses are created on the surface with light hammer blows to increase adherence.

Ano laths are used to make the production smooth and in balance. It is adhered to the surface to be plastered with the help of plaster, with intervals of 120-200 cm. Ano laths should be brought to the scale and placed. The corner profile is also adjusted and adhered to the wall corners by using sufficient plaster. Sufficient amount of water is mixed by adjusting the plaster ratio and put into the prepared Stucco shovel. It is applied by pressing the plaster shovel from bottom to top. The gap between the two slabs is filled with plaster, and then by pressing on the laths with the help of an aluminum gauge, it is pulled from the bottom up and the plaster comes to the balance. Remove the ano laths after the plaster begins to harden and fill the lath gaps with plaster mortar. Finally, if you want to complete the Stucco production, satin plaster is applied on it with a steel trowel. After the plaster dries, the roughnesses are smoothed with a spatula.

How We Do It?

We do the same operations with machine plaster, but differently, we take our plaster with machine plaster and we do not use similar hand tools such as plaster shovels for mixing, our work becomes more practical. It is mixed by adding plaster and water into the machine, then we spray it directly from the machine to the wall, and after filling the gap between the two slabs, we press the aluminum gauge onto the laths and pull them from the bottom up. After the scale is adjusted, the slab laths are removed, plaster mortar is filled instead, and finally satin plaster is made and the production is terminated.

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