3D Stucco for Moulding Applications

3D Stucco for Moulding Applications

3D Stucco for Moulding Applications

One of our services as 3D Stucco is moulding service. We have been serving for Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario with our expert staff, numerous references, reasonable price advantages and easy payment options all over Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontari in material sales and application in moulding.

What is Moulding?

The moulding applications separate the interior of the building from the exterior. 3D Stucco aims to prevent the damage that may be caused by factors such as water, sun and temperature that may come from the external environment, and the applications made for this are called mouldings. Mouldings not only provides thermal insulation, but also beautifies the exterior of the building. In other words, external moulding is also preferred for obtaining an aesthetic appearance apart from protection. The features of a good moulding should be; resistance to atmospheric chemical effects, good ventilation, easy repair, compliance with the technical specifications of the building to be applied, resistance to adverse effects of climatic conditions.

What are Moulding Materials?

3D Stucco use the best materials for Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontari  regions’ people. The materials that can be used in moulding vary. The materials to be preferred in moulding should be selected considering the conditions listed above.

Moulding materials; wood moulding, glass and ceramic moulding, exterior plaster and paint, natural stone moulding, American Siding moulding, curtain wall, precast moulding.

  1. Wood moulding; Since wood is a natural product, the use of wood in moulding gives the building a natural look. Since it is light, the load it will put on the building will not be too much. It is an exterior moulding material that can be preferred together with a good insulation. However, the preference rate may be low due to the fact that wood is not resistant to burning.
  2. Glass and ceramic moulding; Glass mouldings provide high thermal insulation and are resistant to deformation. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is moisture and waterproof. It can be used for interior moulding as well as moulding. Ceramic, which is a natural material, is preferred because of its high durability.
  3. Exterior plaster and paint; Acrylic, silicone, plastic and elastic based exterior paints can be preferred for moulding with exterior plasters and paints.
  4. Natural stone moulding; It is a moulding resistant to external factors originating from the atmosphere. Natural stone moulding gives a natural look to the building, just like its name. It is the moulding application that is most aesthetically pleasing and most prone to decorative appearance. In this exterior application, mostly bricks are used.
  5. American siding moulding; It is long-lasting because it does not require paint and maintenance costs. It has self-extinguishing and non-flammable properties.
  6. Precast moulding; Since the material used in this moulding is thick, the need for insulation is also met. This ensures that this moulding is often preferred.

What are the Features of Exterior Cladding Materials?

  • Being resistant to the chemical effects of the atmosphere,
  • Does not deteriorate from the harmful effects of sun rays,
  • Not to be damaged by expansion and contraction due to temperature differences,
  • It does not deteriorate from precipitation waters and does not absorb water,
  • Not spoiled by the effect of frost,
  • They must have basic features such as not preventing the steam coming from the inside and forming on the inner surface from escaping.

What are the Benefits of Exterior Coating?

  • It allows you to save around 50%-60% in your heating and cooling expenses in your home,
  • With the thermal insulation applied on the exterior, it prevents the formation of thermal bridges, in this way, black stains, mold and unhealthy environments that may occur due to sweating (condensation) inside your house are prevented,
  • Due to the reduction in fuel consumption, it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and thus to the prevention of global warming.
  • It prevents the condensation in the carrier system (column, beam, curtain wall) and prolongs the life of Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontari regions’ building.
  • It ensures the creation of comfortable living spaces by creating balanced room temperatures in our house,
  • It helps to prevent the repair costs that may occur by protecting the outer shell of the building from atmospheric conditions such as extreme heat/cold differences, precipitation and frost.


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