Stucco and Painting Application Services

Stucco and Painting Application Services

As 3D Stucco, one of our services is stucco and painting application service. We provide service with our expert staff serving the regions of Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario, our numerous references, reasonable price advantages and easy payment options.

Plaster is a fire resistant material and acts as a shield in buildings. When plaster and stucco application are used together with thermal insulation products, it prevents energy losses and provides a comfortable living space in buildings.

3D Stucco, plaster and stucco application can be done both by machine and by hand.

Manual plaster and stucco application; Before the application, the protrusions on the concrete surface are cleaned. Dust on the surface to be Stucco is cleaned with the help of a brush. Dry and hot surfaces are wetted before application.

The surface is roughened so that the Stucco can adhere to the surface.

Holes and cracks on the wall surface are repaired. In order to prevent cracking at the joints of the materials, a stucco mesh is placed and liquid mortar is applied. The mortar is applied to the wall surface with the help of a spatula in the direction that the lath will be adhered to. The slats are brought to the scale during gluing. Stucco profile is cut to required size.

Stucco profile is placed on the wall corners with the help of mortar. Profiles are placed on the scale.

The plaster mortar is applied from the bottom up. In this way, the entire surface is covered. The gauge is drawn by pressing on the slats. Excess mortar on the gauge is cleaned with a trowel. Gaps are filled with mortar. The mastering process is completed. When the plaster starts to dry, the laths are removed. Lath gaps are filled with the help of stucco mortar. The surface is smoothed by mixing Stucco and satin plaster. After the Stucco and satin plaster mixture hardens, the roughnesses are cleaned with the help of a spatula.

Things to consider during plaster and stucco application are as follows; Plaster and stucco storage, surface preparation for plaster and stucco, support elements for plaster and stucco, thickness of plaster and stucco, drying, setting time of plaster stucco, thinness, pressure resistance, lightness, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, moisture balancing feature .

We offer you a new living space with our proven company in the regions of Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario in plaster, stucco and paint works. We meticulously carry out all kinds of plaster, paint, stucco and whitewash works of places such as houses, offices, apartments, shops, villas and hotels. We offer you, our valued customers, a perfect environment with surprising colors that appeal to your taste and eyes, as you wish, and offer you spacious living spaces. The works we will do for Barrie Painting, Orilla Painting, Midland Painting, Ontario Painting are not limited to these, we also clean the polluted places after the building maintenance and repair, leaving you a clean place.

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