We make difficult choices easy

We make difficult choices easy

Deciding on the paint color is just a small start for whitewash. In order to whitewash correctly, it is necessary to research well the type of paint you choose, the character of your room and the texture and color you want to achieve. That’s why, as 3D Stucco, serving in the Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario regions, we have prepared a guide where you can learn about each paint type to prevent a potential mistake.

What are the paint types?

  • Water-based paint
  • Oil paint
  • Matte paint
  • Satin paint
  • Glossy paint
  • Semi-glossy paint

The vast majority of wall paints sold today are water-based due to their ease of use. If your surface has been previously coated with an oil-based product, be careful when switching to water-based paint as it can cause problems. In this case, experts recommend washing the surface and then roughing it with medium-soft sandpaper. This formula makes it clean, dry and dull to prevent the new coat from peeling off.

A petroleum-based paint may traditionally be preferred, but for those desiring a water-based product, a number of companies have introduced “water-based enamels” or “water-based alkyds”. These paints are very similar to oil-based options because they have a good leveling quality to produce a smooth surface. Quality service for Barrie Painting, Orilla Painting, Midland Painting, Ontario Painting, 3D Stucco will choose the best one for you.

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Oil-based paint can be used on almost all surfaces and is praised for both its high durability and glossy finish. However, be careful when using oil paint, as the paint cannot be washed off with water. If you choose oil paint, you should remember to use solvents such as turpentine for brushes or other materials that have unwanted paint on them.

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A matte sheen gives you a calm and serene feeling due to this textural element. At the other end of the spectrum, glossy paints add energy and excitement to your home. Note that darker and richer colors naturally have a higher gloss due to increased colorant content, so you may want to opt for a lower gloss when using a darker paint color.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the paint you choose is only as good as the quality of the tools you paint. You may think about price and brand when buying rollers or brushes, but using high-quality tools will always help you achieve the best look. With 3D Stucco, you can discover excellent service in Barrie Painting, Orilla Painting, Midland Painting, Ontario Painting.


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