Tips for Decorative Plaster and Paint Application

Tips for Decorative Plaster and Paint Application

Decorative stucco is one of the most preferred applications in the decoration of living spaces, especially in exterior design. With 3D Stucco, you can personalize the space by using this type of stucco for interior decoration. 3D Stucco operates in the Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario regions. Would you like to take a look at the tricks of decorative stucco applications?

What is Decorative Stucco?

Decorative stucco, which is made to make the facade look more elegant, is an application that allows the stucco errors at the bottom to be covered. This type of stucco is very similar in structure to the sheathing stucco. It is suitable for shaping as it is cement based. It is a type of stucco that should not be applied below 5 degrees and above 35 degrees. It is possible to personalize your living spaces by having decorative stucco applications in different colors and patterns in Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario regions. You can make the patterns you will create on Stucco effectively with the help of a trowel or by using special molds.

With Details to Consider: How to Make Decorative Stucco?

In order to be able to apply Stucco, you must first prepare the surface. The surface on which Stucco will be applied must be dry, durable and clean. If you want to stucco a damaged surface, you must first remove the defects using repair mortar. You can obtain a smooth and flat surface by applying primer to the surface you want to coat before stucco. Next you need to prepare the stucco mortar. You can prepare stucco mortar in a clean and deep bowl. You can mix this mortar with a slow speed mixer or by yourself. You should mix the mixture until it reaches a homogeneous and smooth consistency. You should take a break for about 5 minutes and mix one last time. Some stucco mortars can be applied directly without needing to be mixed with water.

You can get ease of use, especially in 3D Stucco products. You can apply stucco effectively and practically by using a decorative stucco trowel. But first you need to prepare the surface for the stucco process. If you want to give a pattern while applying the Stucco on the wall, you can use the flat plastic trowel with circular movements. You can get more effective results by cleaning the surface of the trowel frequently during the pattern creation phase. In the regions of Barrie, Orilla, Midland, Ontario, you can create many textures on your walls and create eye-catching environments by taking support from pattern patterns.

How Should Decorative Stucco Be Protected?     

By applying decorative stucco in suitable climate conditions, you can ensure that the stucco is permanent for a long time. You should not apply stucco under direct sunlight, in fog, during periods of strong wind, in heavy humidity or in rainy conditions. Stucco should be protected from weather conditions such as rain and sun after application. You can make the top coat of Stucco durable by painting it with exterior paints. However, you should wait for the stucco to dry thoroughly for this painting process. After a one-week waiting period, you can get more efficiency from the dyeing process. You can reach stucco options produced in different thicknesses. You can choose 0.5 mm and 3.5 mm stucco options. As the millimeter size increases, the size of the stones in the stucco also increases. Accordingly, decorative stucco prices also vary. With 3D Stucco, you can get immediate service in the regions of Barrie Painting, Orilla Painting, Midland Painting, Ontario Painting.


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